Online OTA Program Overview

Our online occupational therapy assistant (OTA) program educates first-degree-seeking students, preparing them to earn their Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) in OTA and embark on a successful career as an Occupational Therapy Assistant.

The online OTA program applies a hybrid learning model combining online coursework and on-site curriculum. Through this blended approach, you can expect a well-rounded education that provides the knowledge, skills, and job readiness to sit for the NBCOT® Examination for OTA certification.

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How the OTA Program Works

Our online OTA program’s hybrid model is 80% online and 20% in-person and is designed to provide you with the building blocks necessary for an OTA career. Online coursework establishes the foundational knowledge, which you further develop through skills labs and hands-on fieldwork.

Our OTA program offers a high-quality, comprehensive education that requires self-discipline and hard work, helping you to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for a fulfilling career. Upon earning your AAS in OTA, you will be prepared to take the NBCOT® Examination with confidence and earn your OTA certification.


How long does it take to complete the online OTA program?

It can take as few as 16 months if you have already completed all your prerequisites. It will take longer if you plan to complete some or all your prerequisite courses with St. Kate’s. On average, most of our students take 16–24 months to complete the program.

How can I become a Certified OTA (COTA) after graduation?

All graduates of our Online OTA program must take the NBCOT® Exam to become certified OTAs (COTAs). We are dedicated to your success by supporting you during and after the program. Our NBCOT Prep Coaching Program provides graduates with a study plan and one-on-one coaching that helps prepare them to sit for the NBCOT® Exam.

What are the areas of practice for OTAs?

Six areas of practice for OTAs will be covered in your education. These practice areas include children and youth, productive aging, health and wellness, mental health, rehabilitation and disability, and work and industry.


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