Online OTA Coursework

Our online Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program takes a blended learning approach, comprising an 80% online and 20% on-site curriculum. The online courses offered in this program carry the same expectations as a traditional, classroom-based program—the main difference is the delivery of the coursework.

In other words, St. Kate’s online OTA program doesn’t compromise quality for convenience. As an online student, you’ll still get a well-rounded education that prepares you to be a confident and capable OTA.

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How Online Learning Works

St. Kate’s is a leader in quality online instruction, with an expert faculty, hands-on labs and fieldwork experiences, and a challenging curriculum.

Delivered through Canvas, a dynamic e-learning platform, our online OTA courses allow you to complete the required mix of OTA and LAS classes when and where it is most convenient. They are designed to help you engage with the coursework materials at your own pace as long as you meet the deadlines set forth by your instructors.

As you move through the program’s different online OTA classes, how you access, view, and complete the learning modules within the Canvas platform remains the same.

Through the platform, you can:

  • Read materials and watch/listen to lectures.
  • Complete assignments and quizzes.
  • Participate in a student discussion forum.
  • Interact with instructors during chat sessions.
  • Engage with multimedia features, including images and graphics, replayable audio/visual, and interactive simulated activities.
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Learning Accommodations

Our online-based curriculum has been designed to accommodate students with various learning styles, from visual to auditory and kinesthetic. Our innovative program delivery keeps coursework fresh and accessible, and the social component of our Canvas platform means that you’re never further than a conversation post away from fellow students. Our faculty is also accessible and ready to help you understand course material as thoroughly as possible.

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Images and graphics that complement text

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Interactive simulated activities

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Video/audio activities that can be replayed

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Forums for student interaction

Faithful Faculty

As a university that has paved the way in online OTA education, our faculty and instructors take great pride in educating the next generation of occupational therapy assistants. These OT experts are dedicated to student success, taking a highly personalized approach when sharing the latest knowledge and skills used in the profession.

  • Online courses have a small student-to-faculty ratio of 24 to 1
  • Faculty hold regular office hours to discuss online coursework
  • Students can schedule private appointments with faculty for additional support
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The Ultimate Guide to Occupational Therapy and OTA

Get answers to your questions about the field, about the OTA career path, and about St. Catherine University’s Online OTA program.

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