Online OTA Admissions Overview

During the OTA admission process, a counselor will assist you in developing an enrollment plan that works toward your preferred start date, as the program offers three starts per year.

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While we offer OTA program starts in January, May and September, our university accepts and responds to applications on a rotating basis, which means:

  • You benefit from a longer than usual application period
  • You don’t have to wait long for an acceptance decision
  • You may have less competition if you apply early (spots can fill up quickly)

Remember, the longer you delay your application, the more difficult it becomes to get onto the program in time for your preferred start date.

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Customizable Curriculum

Your counselor will help you understand our two curriculum options, which affect how long it takes to complete the program.

Option One

Complete the entire program in as few as 16 months of study by taking your LAS and OTA courses simultaneously. Choose this option if you’ve already successfully completed the prerequisite courses. 

Option Two

Complete some or all of your LAS courses before beginning the OTA coursework. This more extended option is ideal for students who:

  • Need to complete prerequisites
  • Do not currently meet the minimum GPA required to start OTA courses
  • Want to ease into online learning
  • Need additional schedule flexibility

With this option, the program will take longer than 16 months, but you will have a lighter course load each semester.

Dedicated Counselors

Our dedicated team of admission counselors works exclusively with online OTA program applicants. Committed to your success, these champions of higher learning go above and beyond to help you understand the full scope of the program and the time commitment involved.

Once you decide to pursue your associate degree as an occupational therapy assistant through St. Catherine University, we assign you a counselor who will help you:

  • Identify the curriculum option that best applies to you
  • Stay on task throughout the admissions and application processes
  • Create an academic plan that works toward your preferred start date

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the admissions process?

The first step in the OTA admissions process is to contact our admissions team by completing the contact form. You will be assigned a dedicated advisor who will guide and support you. Together, you will develop an education timeline with a target start date, application due dates, and other important deadlines to keep you moving toward your goal.

What happens once I meet the eligibility requirements?

Once you and your advisor determine you meet the eligibility requirements, you can proceed with completing the application for our online OTA program. After submitting your application, you will send us your official transcripts for review and start working toward completing prerequisites, if necessary.

Where will I complete my skills labs?

You will complete 12 skills labs at a designated location within your program area. St. Kate’s offers Online OTA program labs in California, Minnesota, Texas and Virginia. During admissions, your counselor will work with you to select a lab location that works for you.

You are not required to reside in the state where your skills labs will take place; however, you must be willing to travel to your assigned lab location.

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For More Information

Contact us to learn more about the OTA admissions process for our online OTA program.