Online OTA Curriculum

As a student in our Online Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program, you will complete a total of 58 credit hours, consisting of curriculum specific to the OTA profession along with those covering the liberal arts and sciences (LAS). As a result, you’ll receive a well-rounded education that allows you to sit for the NBCOT® Exam which is necessary to pass to become a certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA).

Blended Learning Model

Approved by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE), our OTA program features a unique blend of online and on-site curriculum that must be completed in-person. The online learning component, which represents 80% of the program, establishes the foundation you need to complete your in-person skills labs and fieldwork.

Curriculum Summary

The following does not include the four OTA prerequisite courses required for admission into the program. All four prerequisites are offered through St. Catherine online and can be taken alone or in conjunction with the liberal arts and science coursework prior to starting OTA coursework.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Coursework

Course Course Description Credits Semester Half

Semester 1

OTA 1100 Foundations of Human Occupation with Lab 2 1st
OTA 1120 Role of the OTA 2 1st
OTA 1140 Psychosocial Approaches 1 with Lab 2 2nd
OTA 1150 Professional Growth and Community Engagement (service learning required) 2 2nd

Semester 2

OTA 2240 Psychosocial Approaches 2 2 1st
OTA 2250 Rehabilitation Practice 1 with Lab 2 1st
OTA 1280 Level 1 Fieldwork; Experience 1 1 1st
OTA 2260 Rehabilitation Practice 2 3 2nd
OTA 2270 Pediatric Practice 1 with Lab 3 2nd

Semester 3

OTA 2370 Pediatric Practice 2 2 1st
OTA 2380 Aging with Lab 2 1st
OTA 1290 Level 1 Fieldwork; Experience 2 1 1st
OTA 2390 Primary Care and OT 2 2nd
OTA 2420 Applied Skills with Lab 2 2nd

Semester 4

OTA 2350 Level II Fieldwork, Experience 1 6 1st
OTA 2360 Level II Fieldwork, Experience 2 6 2nd
Total  40

Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) Coursework

Course Title Credit Hours Recommended Semester 
The Reflective Life (RTW-W)* 4 Must be completed by end of Semester 1
Health Care Ethics (RTW-W)* 3 Semester 1
The Sacramental Life (RTW-W)* 3 Semester 2
Power, Inequality, and Social Change (RTW-W)* 4 Semester 3
Human Ecology 2 Semester 3
Short Story 2 Semester 3
Total 18

*Must take 2 RTW Courses

Special note: If you have previous college experience with transferable LAS course credits, you still are required to complete The Reflective Life course and one other Reading, Thinking and Writing (RTW) course. RTW courses lay the foundation for agile, strong and consistent scholarly writing.   

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