OTA Program Fieldwork

As an important part of your online occupational therapy assistant education, you will complete fieldwork experiences at various health care or rehab facilities. An OTA program fieldwork coordinator will work with you to determine the best fieldwork placements from a list of approved options.

Designed to facilitate your success as an entry-level OTA, your OTA fieldwork allows you to gain invaluable hands-on experience working with real clients in real OTA facilities.

OTA Program Fieldwork Experiences

As a student in the online OTA program, you will complete fieldwork in four different settings, allowing you to gain the knowledge necessary to succeed in the six OTA practice settings.

Your fieldwork experiences, consisting of over 720 hours in practical learning, will take place throughout the curriculum on a set schedule, allowing you to apply your knowledge from online courses and skills labs to real-life situations.

Your OTA program fieldwork will comprise:

  • 40 hours working in developmental disabilities
  • 40 hours working with the aging
  • 320 hours in psychosocial (mental health) settings
  • 320 hours in physical disabilities

The Fieldwork Experience Explained

Fieldwork Locations


Becky Anderson, OTA Program Fieldwork Coordinator, at one of St. Catherine’s fieldwork locations.

With the aid of a dedicated fieldwork coordinator, you will be able to complete your fieldwork in various locations throughout the country. These fieldwork experiences will prepare to you for the six occupational therapy practice areas.

Your dedicated fieldwork coordinator will work with you to find approved fieldwork locations that fit your needs, allowing you to get a complete fieldwork experience in a location that is most convenient for you.

Benefits of Fieldwork

Your fieldwork allows you to experience the various practice settings you may pursue once you have graduated and passed the NBCOT. Through fieldwork, you can determine which practice area you are interested in after graduation, as well as gain a well-rounded education.

Additionally, you will be able to start building a professional network within the facilities and experience the day-to-day operations of an occupational therapy site.

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