OTA Curriculum

The OTA curriculum is designed to help you become a well-rounded and successful occupational therapy assistant. The majority of the curriculum may be completed online, and will consist primarily of courses in occupational therapy assistant theory and practice and liberal arts and sciences coursework.

The skills lab component of the curriculum will be provided at one of several Genesis Rehab Services sites in Virginia, Texas, or California and will allow students to become familiar with OTA procedures and practices. Fieldwork will reinforce online coursework and provide firsthand interaction with patients.

OTA Curriculum Options

The OTA curriculum, which includes both liberal arts and sciences coursework and OTA-specific coursework, is designed to help you earn your associate’s degree and become a successful, well-rounded occupational therapy assistant in as few as 16 months.

St. Catherine University offers a customizable education program. To complete your degree, you’ll take OTA-specific courses and liberal arts and sciences (LAS) courses. Some LAS courses are prerequisites which must be completed before OTA courses. Choose the path that works best for you:

Option One: 16 months

You can choose to complete the entire program in 16 months by taking both your liberal arts and sciences courses and your OTA online courses at the same time. This is the most accelerated program option, available to you if you have some college experience and have already completed prerequisite courses.

Option Two: Longer, but lighter course load each semester

If you prefer, you can complete some or all of your liberal arts and sciences courses before beginning your OTA coursework, then focus exclusively on your OTA coursework. This is a good option if you:

  • have not yet completed prerequisites,
  • need to boost your grades to reach the minimum GPA required to start OTA courses
  • are uncertain about online learning and don’t want to jump in all at once,
  • have many personal commitments that make it challenging to complete a full-time program, or
  • prefer to complete the curriculum one track at a time.

With this option, the program will take longer than 16 months, but you will have a lighter course load each semester.

Curriculum Credit Hour Summary

The OTA curriculum consists of a total of 58 credit hours. These credit hours are divided into two categories:

  1. OTA coursework
  2. Liberal arts and sciences coursework

Note: The following does not include the four OTA prerequisite courses required for admission into the program. All four prerequisites are offered through OTA Online and can be taken alone or in conjunction with the liberal arts and science coursework prior to starting OTA coursework.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Coursework

Course Title Credit Hours Fieldwork or Lab Hours
Semester 1
Role of the OTA 2 5
Human Occupations I 2 5
Human Occupations II 2 5
Group Dynamics & Leadership 2 5
Semester 2
Clinical Conditions 2 0
Client Support Skills 4 10
Aging 2 5
Therapeutic Applications I 3 5
Level I Fieldwork 2 80
Semester 3
Therapeutic Applications II 2 10
Practice Models/Professional Issues I 1 0
 Therapeutic Applications II 3  10
 Practice Models/Professional Issues II  1  0
 Semester 4
Level II Fieldwork  6  320
Level II Fieldwork 6 320

Liberal Arts and Sciences Coursework

Course Title Credit Hours Recommended Semester 
The Reflective Woman: The Reflective Practitioner (RTW-W)* 4 Semester 1 (Must be completed by end of Semester 1)
Health Care Ethics (RTW-W)* 3 Semester 1
The Sacramental Life (RTW-W)* 3 Semester 2
Power, Inequality, and Social Change (RTW-W)* 4 Semester 3
Human Ecology 2 Semester 3 or Semester 4
Short Story 2 Semester 3 or Semester 4

*Must take 2 RTW Courses

Have questions about what classes you will take as an OTA student? Speak to an admissions advisor today.

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