Quiz- Should I Be an Occupational Therapy Assistant?

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Should you be an OTA

You’ve been researching occupational therapy assistant schools, but aren’t quite sure if this path is for you. Maybe you haven’t even gotten that far in your research and you’re just exploring the OTA field. Take our short quiz to help you determine if occupational therapy is right for you!

  1. Are you a good listener?
    1. Yes! Friends and family often come to me either for advice or just to use me as a sounding board.
    2. Sort of. I enjoy talking to others, but I don’t know whether I’d be considered a good listener.
    3. No, I don’t communicate well with others or tend to talk over them.
  2. Do you mind close physical contact with others?
    1. No problem.
    2. It’s ok, as long as they aren’t sick.
    3. No way! I need my personal space.
  3. How patient are you?
    1. I am very patient. I am willing to take the time to work through any issues that arise in life and my profession.
    2. Somewhat. I like to keep to a schedule though, and can get thrown off if things don’t stay on track.
    3. Not at all. I’m always in a hurry!
  4. Do you enjoy helping others?
    1. Yes! I have always been drawn to helping others with problems.
    2. Sort of, and I think I’ve gotten better at helping others over time or it is something I’d like to get better at.
    3. No, I can’t help but feel a little annoyed when people can’t just help themselves.
  5. Are you organized?
    1. Yes, I like things to be neat and organized.
    2. Sort of, but please don’t look at my room at home!
    3. No way. I’m a mess.
  6. How creative are you?
    1. Very. I’m crafty, creative and can come up with new ideas quickly.
    2. Somewhat. I tend to follow directions, but I can be creative at times as well.
    3. Not at all. I need every step of a process spelled out to get things done.
  7. Do you have enough physical strength to help others complete complex tasks?
    1. Yes. I don’t mind bending, stooping, lifting – sounds like a great way to get some exercise in!
    2. I think so.
    3. No, I’m basically a couch potato.
  8. Are you punctual?
    1. Yes, I always show up on time for appointments.
    2. I try to be, but sometimes things come up.
    3. No, I’m always running late.

If you answered mostly A’s, chances are you’d be a great OTA and enjoy it as well. If you answered mostly B’s, becoming an OTA is probably something you should spend more time researching before you make a final decision. If you answered mostly C’s, this might not be the career for you.

Learn More About Becoming an OTA

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