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I Graduated High School. Now What?

i-just-graduated-high-school-now-whatSummer is just around the corner, and so is your graduation. You’ll accept your diploma and reflect on how far you’ve come. Then it will hit you: now what? While it may be freeing to finally be done with high school, it’s important to start thinking about your future. Nowadays, it’s incredibly difficult to work your way up the corporate ladder from the ground floor without a degree, so you should look at your higher-education options.

College can be expensive. Can I really afford this?

Yes, college can be expensive, especially when most traditional programs can take four years or more to complete. However, there are other higher-education options besides traditional universities. St. Catherine University offers an online occupational therapy assistant (OTA) program with hands-on practical instruction that can have you graduating in just 16 months. And because it’s online, you can complete the course materials on your schedule, fitting it around a part-time job.

St. Catherine University also offers students a payment plan option so each semester’s tuition is easier to budget for. With the financial aid options that are available, you can afford to go to college. Just ask one of our admissions advisors.

I just finished school and am not ready to go back. Can I wait a few months?

St. Catherine University offers students three different start dates throughout the year in January, May and September. You can have your summer or even take six months before you go back to school. That’s why the flexibility of the OTA program is so great—it’s built to fit in to your schedule.

Anyone can go to college at any point in their life. If you’ve just graduated high school, it is sometimes easier to keep going in your education than to take an extended break and go back. Either way, we’ll be here whenever you’re ready.

I’ve heard of physical therapy. What is occupational therapy (OT)?

Where physical therapy seeks to treat an impairment or disability, occupational therapists show patients who have illnesses or disabilities how to work around these limitations so they can enjoy a full life. OT techniques involve using adaptive equipment to be able to perform everyday activities without aggravating the injury. For example, if a patient has a back injury, his or her treatment could involve using equipment that prevents them from needing to bend over too far to put on shoes. An occupational therapy assistant will aid an OT in implementing a patient’s treatment plan.

Tell me more. What’s the OTA Program like?

The majority of your coursework will be online. The occupational therapy assistant program combines online course work with lab and fieldwork components that takes place at Genesis Rehab Services in Virginia. It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Virginia; several of St. Kate’s students relocate to the area until they graduate.

It’s a tough economy. Will an OTA degree land me a job?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a growth of 32% between 2019 and 2029 in the OTA field, meaning that occupational therapy assistants are in demand. With the demand for OTA professionals increasing, so are your chances of finding a job soon after graduation.

A job isn’t enough. Is being an occupational therapy assistant a rewarding career?

OTA professionals can earn a median annual salary of $60,950. They earn a good living because their work has a direct impact on the well-being of their patients. When injury occurs and it affect the patient’s job or even day-to-day home life, it can be discouraging. OTA professionals show their patients how to overcome their injuries and become independent once again. If you like helping people and want to make a difference, being an OTA is the career for you.

I’m still not sure. Where can I find additional information?

College is not an easy decision. It’s good that you’re not taking this lightly. Taking the first step towards something you’ve never done before is about trusting yourself that you’ve made a smart decision. Our team of advisors will be with you throughout the admissions process. It all starts with either a simple phone call or an email.

Ask us today how you can start your career as an occupational therapy assistant.

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