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Gaining diverse, real-world experience is essential for occupational therapy assistant students. That is why St. Catherine University’s Online OTA program is dedicated to providing students 720 hours of immersive fieldwork experiences to help them transition into practitioners. Supervised by a certified instructor, fieldwork allows students to put their online and skills lab curriculum into practice…

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Not 100% Online: Skills Labs and Fieldwork Experience


How can you learn to be an occupational therapy assistant online? You can’t. A common misconception is that St. Catherine University’s OTA program is 100% online. While our students are able to listen to lectures, complete schoolwork, and go through modulations on their own time, they also complete hands-on skills labs and gain fieldwork experience with fellow students.

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OTA Fieldwork Spotlight: Mona’s Ark


A common misconception is that St. Catherine University’s online occupational therapy assistant program is 100% online – it’s not. You can’t learn how to be an OTA without putting what you’ve learned to action. How? With OTA fieldwork. Our students complete over 700 hours of OTA fieldwork in the field and get to experience a wide variety of occupational therapy practice areas. While most students do fieldwork in clinics, assisted nursing facilities, and schools, one of our students recently completed fieldwork at a unique place – Mona’s Ark.

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Why I Chose to Become an OTA through St. Catherine University


Marie knew she wanted to be an occupational therapy assistant; she’d shadowed an occupational therapist at a hospital and was interested in the occupational therapy field. The problem was that she couldn’t find a program or school for occupational therapy that offered OTA.

Instead, Marie went to massage therapy school, an experience she doesn’t regret, but one that was difficult. Marie shared that she worked during the day and went to school at night. She recalls how hard it was to sit in class every day.

When she decided to pursue her OTA degree, Marie knew she needed a program that was flexible. Marie says, “I didn’t want to sit in a classroom all day long, especially having a kid and a husband.”

We sat down with Marie to get her thoughts on becoming an OTA, online learning, what she wishes others knew about the field, and more.

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Online Health Care Associate Degrees Are Rarely 100% Online


Online education is convenient for those looking to pursue a degree without much disruption in their current day-to-day life. Because online learning is flexible format and allows students to complete coursework at any time of the day or night, it is an attractive option to many. However, if you’re looking to pursue online health care associate degrees, you should be aware that health care degrees are rarely 100 percent online.

Due to the nature of the industry, health care professionals have to interact face-to-face with patients. So to be fully trained as a health care professional, students will need in-person, hands-on experience. No exception.

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The Online Degree Experience at St. Catherine University


Online learning can seem daunting. After all, how can an online education even begin to compare to a traditional classroom experience? The internet is impersonal, you won’t be interacting with your professor, and the classes are just full of slideshows and mandatory reading that you have to memorize, right? For some reason, the reputation of online learning hasn’t seemed to evolve past where it was 20 years ago, yet the online degree experience has dramatically advanced.

Remember when you would get a CD in the mail from America Online (AOL) to download the Internet with “1000 hours free!”? Your phone line would be tied up while you were logged online, and if your sibling picked up the phone to call someone while you were talking to some friends (and perhaps strangers) in a chatroom, you were instantly logged off. AOL Instant Messenger was the best way to talk to your friends, and websites were filled with bad graphics and clip art. In 1995, this was your Internet experience.

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Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Fieldwork through Genesis Rehab Services


When you are researching how to become an occupational therapy assistant, you will probably find quite a few schools that offer OTA programs. It can be easy to feel frazzled with all of the different options. However, you can make your OTA school decision a lot easier by answering these simple questions:

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OTA Online Degree Myths and Misconceptions


In September 2014, St. Catherine University admitted their first class to the new online occupational therapy assistant program. The OTA online degree is the first of its kind in the nation, combining online education with hands-on experience at Genesis Rehabilitation centers in Virginia and other surrounding states.

While this program is a first, the idea of distance education actually began in the early 1700s. A man named Caleb Phillips ran an ad in the Boston Gazette in 1728 offering to exchange letters with lessons and homework teaching students shorthand. Since then, the concept of distance education grew and changed with emerging technology. It was in 1996 when the first web-based, accredited university launched.

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7 Steps to Becoming an Occupational Therapy Assistant


Many people have known from a young age what they want to be when they grow up. Some are meant to be teachers, others want to work as writers, and still others want to work in the medical field.

While it’s fair to say that not many children know what an occupational therapy assistant is, as they grow they will probably look into the different professions in the medical field. As they rule out careers as a doctor, nurse or medical assistant, they may have alighted on occupational therapy assistants. As children become adults, they look at career outlooks and colleges, examine their lifestyle and determine the best fit. That leads many who want to work in the medical field to look into becoming an OTA.

So now that you’ve found a career you’re interested in, how do you go about landing a job as an OTA? Let’s first talk about finding the right occupational therapy assistant program.

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