Staycations to Enjoy for OTA Students in Virginia

Staycations to enjoy for OTA students in Virginia

Nothing can compare to a nice relaxing vacation. Spending a few days not worrying about school, work or anything other than your new book is reviving. However, figuring how exactly how to spend your vacation can cause problems. Should you take a week off and drive all the way to Florida? Should you go visit family in another state? Do you have the time (and finances) to go someplace exotic?

Luckily for students completing online OTA courses, taking a vacation doesn’t require spending thousands of dollars or flying across the country. Sometimes the best vacations are just around the corner or in your own backyard.

Pamper Yourself

One of the best aspects of going out of town is staying at a hotel. You can order food to your room, relax in a big bed you don’t have to make every morning and enjoy long baths with fresh towels every day. Find one of the nicer hotels and spend a long weekend there. Pamper yourself through the weekend with manicures and pedicures and spend all day Saturday at a spa. Get a massage and enjoy some crazy rituals, like mud baths. Bring your significant other with you and enjoy a fancy night out at a hot restaurant. You’ll return to school feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Head to the Beach

Even though summer is swiftly fading and fall is creeping closer, we still have some warm weather ahead of us. Get some of your friends together and spend a day or two at Virginia Beach. This tourist destination is close enough to not blow the bank on gas or take away much studying time. You can enjoy the aquarium, check out a festival, learn how to surf or just spend the day slathering on sunscreen and diving into a new book. Many people live in tourist-attraction states without ever playing the part of the tourist. Let loose and go on some tours and eat at the popular restaurants in town. It will be a lot easier to hit the books once you’ve soaked up some rays and eaten some great local seafood.

Go Camping

Now that the days are warm and the nights are getting cooler, this is the best time to go camping. Get your gear together and head out into the woods. Virginia is full of camping sites, whether you’re looking for a cabin or a secluded wooded area. If you have an adventurous dog, take him or her along with you and your friends to enjoy the outdoors. Some campsites have areas to swim, and of course you can always go on a day-long hiking excursion. If you are newer to camping and don’t want to buy all of the gear, consider renting everything you need.

Even if you aren’t interested in roughing it in the woods, you can still spend a night under the stars in your backyard.

Get Historical

If you love learning or consider yourself a history fanatic, consider visiting Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown. Tour the area, take a spooky night ghost walk and eat some delicious colonial food. You can see how a colonial blacksmith worked, visit the still-standing and beautiful Governor’s Mansion and visit the colonial museum. You can even see where archaeologists are currently excavating sites. While you’re in the area, check out Busche Gardens for some high-thrill rollercoasters.

Stay at Home

Enjoying a weekend off doesn’t mean you need to travel. Unplug your internet and turn off your phone and enjoy spending the weekend alone, with your significant other or with your family. Spend this weekend doing all of your favorite things. Go see a new movie on a Friday night, treat yourself to shopping or a baseball game on Saturday and nap whenever you want. If your city has a theater, check out a show you’ve been wanting to see. Enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with removing yourself from the online social scene.

It’s important to enjoy yourself between studying to become a certified occupational therapy assistant. Remember that it’s okay to treat yourself to a staycation every now and then.

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