Six Apps Every OTA Student Should Have

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six apps every OTA student should have

In this day and age, technology is advancing education to new levels. The internet allows us to offer prestigious programs online, like our online occupational therapy assistant program in California and Virginia that allows one to obtain their OTA certification. Technology doesn’t stop its educational progression there. Now with smart phone technology, applications for students of our program and occupational therapy professionals at their fingertips. Both iPhone and Droid users can download helpful resources for their profession in less than half a minute, some of which can assist them greatly in their education, careers and in their patient’s treatment. We have created this list of our top picks for smart phone applications that all occupational therapy assistants should have.

1. Occupational Therapy Study Exam Prep by TouchMint

Graduates of the OTA program at St. Kate’s must pass the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) exam to enter the occupational therapy assistance field.. This app is a great study guide to help you prepare for the exam using flashcards, quizzes and question creation to help increase retention of topics on the test. This app is available on iTunes for $6.99.

2. Occupational Therapy Equipment Library by Primal Therapy Solutions

This OT Equipment app will help OTs and OTAs alike in identifying various pieces of equipment to be used for different purposes. The app offers definitions and pictures of various equipment pieces for anything from bath lifts to devices and activities used in dementia care for patients. The app is available for iPhone and iPad users on iTunes for $2.99.

3. Occupational Therapy by Tim Xu

This Droid app is a great study tool for occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants, as well as OT and OTA students. The app offers study tools like memory games, videos about the OT profession, assistance devices and an event directory. You can download the app for free on the Google app store.

4. Dexteria - Fine Motor Skill Development by BinaryLabs, Inc.

This app, available on Apple devices, is made by Binary Labs, Inc. and won the Best New App in Education by Apple award.. This app is a great way for OTs and OTAs to work on motor skills with patients as well as writing techniques with younger patients. Exercises help OT patients improve their grip on either hand and teaches numbers and letters to children. The app is available for $3.99 on iTunes for both iPhone and iPad users.

5. iOT Session by Dr. Frederick Covington

This is a great app for OTs and OTAs to do with their patients, and also for them to encourage their patients to do on their own. This app, available on Droid devices, was created by an award-winning occupational therapist who created exercises that address and improve deficiencies in visual tracking, bilateral coordination, visual perception, fine motor/dexterity, visual scanning and handwriting/correct letter formation. The app is available on the Google app store for no charge.

6. Occupational Therapy, 1000MCQs by Knowledge Testing, Inc.

This OT educational app is an excellent, in-depth study tool for the Occupational Therapy Certification that OT and OTA students must take to earn their certificate and begin their careers. The app, available on Droid devices, offers 1,000 multiple choice fact, scenario and case-based questions, practice exams and studying progress tracking. Occupational Therapy, 1000MCQs is available on the Google App Store for $19.95.

It is undeniable that technology has advanced education far into the future with the availability of our online OTA program and smartphone apps that help along the way. If you are ready to begin your path towards becoming an occupational therapy assistant, contact us to learn how you can enter the growing field of occupational therapy assistance with St. Catherine’s University in Virginia.

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