4 Pinterest Boards Every OTA Student Should Follow

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4 Pinterest boards every OTA student should follow

When you enter a career as an occupational therapy assistant, you’re accepting that your education will never be finished. The medical profession is constantly evolving. Once you enter the field, you will need to continue your education on your own in order to stay afloat and offer your clients the best treatment possible. You’ll find your own methods of continued learning, whether it’s through subscriptions to medical journals, frequent visits to the library or staying active in social media medical communities through sites such as Twitter or Pinterest.

Pinterest has grown from just another social media site to a personal wedding planner, shopping site and reference book. The site is great for visual learners and allows you to create your own organization. If you’re more of an observer to social media, Pinterest allows you to absorb any material you choose to subscribe to without engagement. Pinterest is a great resource for occupational therapy assistants who are looking for new resources. Follow these Pinterest boards to keep up-to-date with new articles about occupational therapy and online education.

Online College Guru and Homework Help at Classof1

Earning your degree online means you need to be self-driven. But even the most studious person can feel burnt out. These boards will be invaluable as you earn your OTA degree and afterwards when you continue to study on your own.

The Online College Guru Pinterest board is filled with tips and articles for completing your education online. The Homework Help Pinterest page offers a variety of boards to help you with your studies. The Study Tips board is filled with quick tips on better methods of studying to help you recall information easier. The Study Motivation board will encourage you when you can’t find the desire to really sit down and force yourself to do your classwork or study for an exam. The College Hacks board is filled with infographics about the state of education, grammar tips and paying for your education.

Talking Matters 

Many people assume that occupational and physical therapy are for the elderly or the injured, but that’s not always the case. Many occupational therapy centers are aimed specifically towards pediatric care, such as Talking Matters. Whether a child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or is delayed on certain developmental milestones, occupational therapy can help through a variety of activities.

The Talking Matters Pinterest board is filled with activities and articles for children who require occupational therapy. The General Development board is filled with tips on helping children learn patience, learn to interact or simply build confidence. There are quite a few boards filled with apps to help children learn various activities, from reading to language to social skills. The Self Help Skills board is an invaluable resource for helping children learn how to tie their shoes, dress themselves and even brush their teeth. Any pediatric OTA will find Talking Matters’ Pinterest boards invaluable.


Pediatric occupational therapists are tasked with working with young children with cognitive function, movement and coordination problems. Whether the patient has spinal cord damage, muscular dystrophy, or another disorder, plans are created to help improve communication and fine-motor skills, as well as helping them learn to care for themselves.  Most of the time, these plans involve gameplay to keep children engaged and active.

Your Therapy Source, based out of New York, is an online resource for pediatric occupational therapists. The YourTherapySource Pinterest board is filled with thousands of pins dedicated to pediatric care. The Autism and Motor Skills board can help develop plans towards helping autistic children develop their fine-motor skills and visual and auditory tasks to develop self-control. Seasonal boards offer craft ideas, and the Physical Activity is filled with activities for children of all ages to keep them healthy. The Blogs board will give you plenty of reading material from parents and occupational therapist professionals.

St. Kate's OTA Online

Of course, we don't want you to miss out on our Pinterest account! On St. Kate's online OTA program boards, we seek to share pins to inspire you as you study, change careers or work as an OTA. You'll also be alerted to our newest blog posts through pins.

We offer a board complete with OT activity ideas, a board of tools and devices, and a board about occupational therapy in general. Not seeing a board that you'd like to see? Let us know, and we'll get one started.

It’s important to remember that everything you absorb from these Pinterest boards is building onto your education as an OTA. If you’re interested in learning more about being an OTA or have questions about our OTA program in Virginia, contact us today.

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