Occupational Therapy Podcasts for COTAs and OTRs

Are you new to occupational therapy? Or maybe you want to hear more about the profession from those in the field. These occupational therapy podcasts provide some great insight into the profession as well as some specific situations you may encounter as a certified OTA.

OT podcasts

1. Ask the OT by Dr. Frederick B. Convington, OTD

Dr. Covington is an occupational therapist who specializes in pediatrics, autism, physical disabilities and dysfunctions, school-based intervention, and geriatrics. He is quoted as saying “Treat the individual, not the diagnosis” as his signature belief.

He has published over 25 occupational therapy podcasts that date back to 2012 full of expert advice explained in a way that everyone can understand.

These are available for download on iTunes for Apple devices and on Google Play for Android devices.

2. Living Life to Its Fullest by AOTA

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) put together a series of 15-minute podcasts to address different ways occupational therapists help people prevent or cope with illness, injury, and/or disability. They were released between 2009 and 2011, so, while a few years old, the concepts still very much apply today.

3. Everyday Evidence Podcast Series by AOTA

Another series by the AOTA, these four-minute podcasts address everyday situations occupational therapy can impact. The most recent podcast discusses how occupational therapists can help those who have survived a stroke. Because more and more patients are living through a stroke, the number of patients who need rehabilitation after a stroke is increasing. Occupational therapy is often effective in helping stroke victims.

To listen to this podcast series, you can download them for free on AOTA’s website.

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4. Travel Therapy Podcast

This podcast covers physical therapy as well as occupational therapy as they explore the benefits of travel vs. permanent positions for COTAs, OTRs, and physical therapists alike. It is a few years old, so it has been awhile since they came out with new content, but the podcasts that are available provide some great insight into travel OTA.

5. Therapy Playground

Based in North Carolina, the Therapy Playground is a pediatric therapy clinic focusing on communication disorders. Their team of therapists includes physical, speech, and occupational therapists, so not all of their podcasts are focused on occupational therapy. But they have some really good insights, especially if you’re interested in specializing in pediatric occupational therapy.

The Therapy Playground occupational therapy podcast is available on youtube.

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