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Benefits of Being an Occupational Therapist: Feeling Joy in My Career

Sometimes, the dream career isn’t what you expected it to be. It could be because you aren’t happy in a setting, or you are having difficulty with the work environment. But that doesn’t mean you made the wrong career choice completely.

Nikki, our OT guest blogger, shares how changing jobs made her realize she made the right call in pursuing a career in the occupational therapy field, and how she feels validated in her decision. To her, the benefits of being an occupational therapist are all about growth and opportunity, low-stress, and great work-life balance.

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Occupational Therapy Assistant is #1 Health Care Support Career

According to US News & World Report’s 2016 Best Health Care Support Jobs list, occupational therapy assistant is the number one career choice for those looking to start their health care career.

Several criteria go into the US News and World Report’s decision. Among them are job growth and opportunity, salary, work-life balance, and stress levels.

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Break Into Health Care as an Occupational Therapy Assistant

Have you always felt that health care is the field you need to be in, but you’re unsure how to get there? Are you a creative person who likes helping people, but can’t stand the sight of blood?

Break into health care field as an occupational therapy assistant.

Occupational therapy’s number one goal is to help clients (what patients are called in OT) live life to the fullest. Occupational therapy assistants are able to work in any of the six practice areas.

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Occupational Therapy Activity Ideas: OT Gets Creative

Many think occupational therapy only treats the wounded or elderly, when in fact occupational therapy treats people of all ages and from all walks of life. These three creative occupational therapy activity ideas should give you a sense of how vast the opportunities are with this health care career.

Occupational therapy assistants have the opportunity to work with babies, the elderly, grade school kids, inmates, the mentally disabled, and more. With occupational therapy, you can find your fit and work in a place that provides care for people you really care about.

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Why I Chose to Become an OTA through St. Catherine University

Marie knew she wanted to be an occupational therapy assistant; she’d shadowed an occupational therapist at a hospital and was interested in the occupational therapy field. The problem was that she couldn’t find a program or school for occupational therapy that offered OTA.

Instead, Marie went to massage therapy school, an experience she doesn’t regret, but one that was difficult. Marie shared that she worked during the day and went to school at night. She recalls how hard it was to sit in class every day.

When she decided to pursue her OTA degree, Marie knew she needed a program that was flexible. Marie says, “I didn’t want to sit in a classroom all day long, especially having a kid and a husband.”

We sat down with Marie to get her thoughts on becoming an OTA, online learning, what she wishes others knew about the field, and more.

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Medical Associate Degree Programs: OTA vs. Medical Assistant

If you’re looking to break into the medical field, you might be looking at a variety of medical associate degree programs and wondering, “Which medical associate degree program is right for me?”

Before deciding which medical associate degree program to pursue you’ll want to consider the career growth, salary, and the various tasks of each profession. In this blog, we’ll look at occupational therapy assistants and medical assistants and apply the aforementioned criteria.

Which career path should you consider? Hopefully you’ll find some answers by the end.

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Online Health Care Associate Degrees Are Rarely 100% Online

Online education is convenient for those looking to pursue a degree without much disruption in their current day-to-day life. Because online learning is flexible format and allows students to complete coursework at any time of the day or night, it is an attractive option to many. However, if you’re looking to pursue online health care associate degrees, you should be aware that health care degrees are rarely 100 percent online.

Due to the nature of the industry, health care professionals have to interact face-to-face with patients. So to be fully trained as a health care professional, students will need in-person, hands-on experience. No exception.

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Is Occupational Therapy Assistant a Good Career Choice? It Depends.

The question may be straightforward, but the answer to is occupational therapy assistant a good career choice? is not a simple yes or no. It depends on the type of person and what you’re looking for. OTA is not for everyone; you need good people skills, a mind for creative problem solving, and be self-motivated to help others.

If you’re looking to jumpstart your health care career, then occupational therapy should definitely be on your short list of careers. We can help you figure out if OTA is a good career choice for you depending on how you answer the following questions.

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Occupational Therapy and Yoga Is a Powerful Combination

Finding a career that makes you happy is about finding a job where you can incorporate your interests.

For those who enjoy exercising and leading a generally healthy lifestyle, choosing a career in occupational therapy allows you to do what you love while making a difference. But how? You can blend occupational therapy and yoga to improve the lives of your patients and still keep your own healthy lifestyle on track.

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[Quiz] What Is an Occupational Therapy Assistant?

In the health care field, many know the essential role the occupational therapy field plays in helping patients live life to the fullest. Outside of the health care field, not many know about the imperative work occupational therapists do. You may wonder, what is an occupational therapy assistant and what do they actually do? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the OT field.

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