Your Top Questions About Fieldwork Experiences Answered


Gaining diverse, real-world experience is essential for occupational therapy assistant students. That is why St. Catherine University’s Online OTA program is dedicated to providing students 720 hours of immersive fieldwork experiences to help them transition into practitioners. Supervised by a certified instructor, fieldwork allows students to put their online and skills lab curriculum into practice…

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Occupational Therapy Podcasts for COTAs and OTRs


Are you new to occupational therapy? Or maybe you want to hear more about the profession from those in the field. These occupational therapy podcasts provide some great insight into the profession as well as some specific situation you may encounter as a certified OTA.

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Find the Best Computer for Taking Online OTA Classes


Deciding to go to school online, like with St. Kate’s online OTA program, means that you need a good computer. So what is the best computer for taking online classes? You may be asking yourself the following: Do I purchase a PC or Mac? A laptop or desktop? An iPad or other tablet? How much money do I want to spend?

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Jumpstart Your Healthcare Career- You Still Have Time This Year!


Did you know there’s still time to apply to the fall 2015 cohort of St. Catherine University’s online occupational therapy assistant program? This program is a first-of-its-kind, 16-month associate’s degree program, and it is a great way to jumpstart your healthcare career. Our application deadline for the fall start is Tuesday, September 8. Follow these steps to submit a completed application.

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OT vs OTA and How They Work Together


When you are trying to decide between occupational therapy career options, it’s important to look at what you will be doing in certain roles and compare: OT vs OTA. You will want to learn about your day-to-day tasks, the people you will work with and the education you will need before you can begin your career. If you are looking at the OTA outlook and considering an occupational therapy assistant career, you will want to learn more about who you will work with, including the different patients you’ll work with and coworkers. 

Working as an occupational therapy assistant requires the ability to work with a team. Not only do you work with your patient, but you will work closely with an occupational therapist to develop and carry out treatment plans (also known as OT intervention plans). Our guest blogger shares some information on the relationship between an occupational therapist and an occupational therapy assistant.

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Starting Your Occupational Therapy Assistant Career


We are very lucky in our field. The US department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook states jobs in both the fields of occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants are projected to grow much faster than average. While this helps to lay the foundation for a successful job search, it is important to set yourself up for success by having a well-written resume, mastering the art of networking, knowing where to find job openings and understanding how to interview and speak with employers.

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My Most Memorable Part of Occupational Therapy School


This week, our guest blogger shares one of her most memorable experiences in her OT training program.

When I started my occupational therapy program,  I was so excited to be learning stuff I was interested in and would be able to apply to my future career. This was a change from college, where I had taken some classes that were interesting but would not have been applicable to my aspirations to become an occupational therapist, including Entomology  101: Insects, Friend or Foe; and Exercise to Music, to name a couple. During my OT program, I immersed myself in my coursework, going above and beyond anything my professors requested. I thought I knew everything, that I was ready to get out and start fieldwork and be the best OT there was. Not just the best OT student, but the best occupational therapist, period.

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5 Tips for OTA Students to Study Faster and Smarter


Let’s face it – it’s summer and you really don’t want to study at all. But you know you need to. That’s why we’re here to offer up our five best study hacks. What is a “hack” anyway? Well, we’ve shortened it from “lifehack” which Urban Dictionary says is “a tool or technique that makes some aspect of one’s life easier or more efficient.” So without further ado, this is our summer study gift to you.

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I Graduated High School. Now What?


Summer is just around the corner, and so is your graduation. You’ll accept your diploma and reflect on how far you’ve come. Then it will hit you: now what? While it may be freeing to finally be done with high school, it’s important to start thinking about your future. Nowadays, it’s incredibly difficult to work your way up the corporate ladder from the ground floor without a degree, so you should look at your higher-education options.

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4 Benefits of Online OTA Classes


Education is not a one-size-fits-all institution. While some students excel in traditional classroom settings, others may require more individual attention or a personalized schedule. While traditional colleges have many benefits, many are unable to meet the needs of some students. If you’ve looked into earning your online occupational therapy assistant degree, you’ll want to know what your education will look like. So, what are some benefits of online courses?

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